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Rex Nelson Greenwald

Rex was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota a north suburb of Minneapolis, and lived his youth in a small neighborhood with both his parents and older sister.  With many friends he loved riding bikes, playing football, baseball, soccer, and hockey.  His mother and father grew up in a small town north of Minneapolis, and his father had a passion for motorcycles. Rex has the passion as well, with many miles ridden with lots of memories.


He married his lifetime love (Teresa) at age 21, they have been married for 39 years and are blessed with two children, Nicholas, and Chelsea.  Both kids have wonderful spouses, and the family is blessed with six wonderful grandchildren.  They all live within ten miles of each other and enjoy life together.

Close to 15 years ago at a Bible study, the discussion revolved around when each of the folks was saved.  Each seemed to have a great story ranging from a campfire at a Christian youth camp, lost parent, overcoming some abuse, divorce, or some dramatic moment in their life.  When the question was asked of Rex at the study he answered “I really do not know, my parents loved Jesus, my family albeit not special or for sure not perfect always showed love of Jesus.  I must be a lucky person.  I must have been chosen right away or something, and there just does not seem to be that one time or that overwhelming special moment in time.”  This always bothered Rex, because being a believer and follower of Christ is special enough!

Always a reader, and with every book read he journaled, took notes, and pondered what it would be like to write a story.  However, he always thought of himself as just a normal no big deal kind of guy, and then one day it dawned on him that there was a story to share.

“One Lifetime is Not Enough” is mostly a true story.  However, the essence of the story is about not judging anyone or anything by outward appearances, and that we are to find the inner character and follow the guiding principle of love that God shows and gives each of us willingly.  “The world needs this message,” said Greenwald.

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