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Dr. Ira WIlliams

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Harle Tinney


Author, Historian, Lecturer, Harle Hope Hanson Tinney was the longest resident of Belcourt Castle from 1960 to 2012.


With some new stories and pictures, the third edition of THE GHOSTS OF BELCOURT CASTLE recounts stories of apparitions seen, heard, and experienced in Newport, Rhode Island’s “Gilded Age” mansion of the Belmont Family. Belcourt stood empty for fifteen years until the Tinney Family purchased it in 1956. A residence and showplace, the castle was furnished with antiques from thirty-three countries and some of them were HAUNTED.

Michael Wayne Templeton


Right Turn provides:

  • The latest advances in driver education policies, procedures and driving techniques for drivers of all ages and vocations

  • How technology has changed driver education since you were trained to drive

  • How to determine whether your teen’s high school driver education program or a private driving school is the right choice for you to make for your teen

  • How to partner with the driver education program of your choice to minimize risk; not only for your teen but other drivers on the road

  • How to become a safer driver and a better role model for your children as they watch you drive and learn from your behaviors

During your teen’s driver education, you will also be armed with the following knowledge

  • Objectively assess the progress of your teen through each critical stage of development

  • Apply a performance standard developed by professional instructors

  • Recognize when your teen is ready for more advanced driving and when he/she is not

  • Minimize risk when your teen is in the driver’s seat and you are in the passenger seat​​


Bonus Chapters:

  • College Students verses “The Cyclops”

  • The Super Seniors

  • 21st Century Driver Education and Training



Michael Wayne Templeton is a Vietnam veteran with an Army Commendation Medal. After he returned from Vietnam, he served as a United States Army Avionics instructor for a year.  He was also a Digital Logics instructor for the Marine Corps and later became an FAA Academy instructor, developer and programmer.  At FAA HQ, he was the Field Instructor Team Lead for 23 Standard Terminal Automation Radar System (STARS) instructors.  After retiring from the FAA at age 55, he attended seven different driver education schools and became Chief Operations Officer and Lead Classroom and Driving Instructor of his own school; the Coastal Academy for Driver Education, Training and Safety (CADETS).