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Changes in Educational System due to Covid-19

Education has dealt a heavier blow to students in developing countries, the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the globe is likely to cause the most disruption to the learning system all over the world.

School and university closures and the current online education system have failed to serve as a substitute for in-person classes. Schools also struggle to cope with the transition from immediate online schooling like in Africa, Asia, particularly the Philippines.

Governments worldwide are struggling to implement different forms of learning systems especially to children who were already below the line of being able to read or write are falling behind and are sinking deeper into these learning deficits.

Because of these untimely closures, some students lack the opportunity for intellectually nourishing activities like art, library visit, camping or, field trips. Children miss the socialization needed to expand their understanding of the world.

Although not all children or students will be affected in the same way, as some rich families, but it is a known fact that the pandemic will widen the gap between rich and poor students. Children who belong to developing countries will be struck most and will suffer throughout this transition process having to rely on a good computer, reliable internet connection and funding for gadgets to be used for online schooling, and a room for a better learning environment.

In the South East Asia, where resources are bleak for the most number of families, some rely on government-funded radio and TV that airs educational shows. These programs were set-up to complement online and modular lessons to address a new mode of instruction and learning.

In Africa, most students received no education since the start of the pandemic and are still waiting for schools to re-open. Lack of access to radios, television, computers, internet, and data left many students unable to engage in remote learning

It is the poorest, most vulnerable children who are hurt the most when schools are closed and something must be done to the continuity of learning while school openings are undetermined. Perhaps an opportunity to reshape the way we teach our children.

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