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Dear 2021

We spent year after year writing our New Year’s Resolutions. Taking note of the things we should do, we should change, and making promises to ourselves most likely we cannot keep and the goal of improving life in the coming.

For 2021, I wonder what your letter to yourself would be. It is undeniable that 2020 is but a deep yet harsh year after the pandemic took place and suddenly the world stopped turning and all of us left in limbo grasping for answers. Setting the right things to do for 2021 can be challenging, but it doesn’t hurt if you write to yourself, even it if it means calming the waves. For 2021 when things ahead still are bleak I would write this:

Dear Me,

I wonder how you have been. I wonder how you remain steadfast and how you were able to survive despite the challenges of 2020. I commend you for your resilience. I applaud you for your passion and lauded you for positively looking ahead.

Leave behind 2020 and all that has been and make 2021 a future that you will build in your terms. Find the answers to life’s questions, and what you’re seeking. Just keep getting ahead, find ways and they will come to you.

Leave past hurts and be kind to yourself, for 2020 taught us to move ahead. Remember to rest more and know when to stop and smell the roses, life should have been a sprint, not a marathon.

I say to you, find what you need to be and where you should be and do it. Write your own stories and draw your dreams into reality. Start to rewrite your path.

Be brave, be fierce. That’s what 2020, after all taught us, don’t be afraid to experiment, nor be afraid to stumble, dust yourself up and carry on.

Press play the patience button and learn to apply it for yourself. Whether you’re hoping that things will be back to normal, or wish that your work returns or this crazy quarantine be lifted or holding out until you can go and freely smell the air, patience is the name of the game. If it is indeed a virtue, I say you are getting there.

Healthier is better. It is one of the well-loved goals that ever made the 2020 list, make your eating habits significantly better, not to look good for others, but for yourself. Because you love yourself more.

2020 can be confusing, and it is hard to grapple but your resilience now enhanced gives a clear view of your reality.

Be grateful always, for it is critical to your happiness and your well-being. Be thankful for the good days every day, for we would not know what lies ahead.

The pandemic has served as a poignant reminder that what makes my life great is to live simply and cherish every moment.

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