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Christmas will never be the same this year, 2020. Gone are the days when families troop to the plaza awaiting to witness the Grand Lighting of the Christmas tree, sang traditional Christmas carols with friends or bring sweet treats to share for the party. Crowd-drawing events like office parties, traditional Christmas dinner, Church masses and or Christmas shops and bazaar that sells Christmas decorations and toys have now become a distant memory.

But even if the pandemic allows us to forego these traditions we hold dear and distance ourselves from people we love the most. With the right mindset and positive attitude we can have a lovely and magical Christmas regardless, yes we still can.

These new modifications can help us navigate a happy Christmas as well as create new traditions that will last a lifetime. These number of new Christmas Traditions could include:

  1. Since more and more people are glued to their television and spend more time on social media, you can check out some heart-warming Christmas movies that will make things lighter and brighter this year.

  2. Video-chatting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype can be great tools for Christmas parties, truly a perfect idea to reconnect with family, lovedones and friends.

  3. Hanging out online, means creating virtual games and scavenger hunts that participants can enjoy together.

  4. Create photo and video Christmas Cards you can send virtually, free templates are available online. Despite these, you will be creating memories for the kids and the entire family.

  5. Play online games together

  6. Get creative and made homemade Christmas gifts, it’s cheap yet it’s the most thoughtful thing to do.

  7. Reminisce. The pandemic allows us to share each other’s Christmas traditions and favorite memories, from the most memorable to the funniest ones.

  8. Click and Add to Cart, becomes a “byword”. People are stationed at home, with less foot traffic at the malls, that is why online- shopping becomes very popular these days, it solves all of the hassles and the fear and gives you access to a wider range of options.

  9. Listen to Christmas Songs and pair them with at-home Christmas activities to boost your holiday spirit to the next level.

  10. Online Gift-Giving- Families can hold virtual calls to open presents together. People who don’t live in the same household can still see their loved one’s reactions. You want to check delivery or door-to-door delivery and check fees to send holiday gifts directly to your loved ones.

The safest way to celebrate Christmas this 2020 is to celebrate in your own home and keep your loved ones safe. 2020 Christmas may be tense and fractured yet no virus or pandemic can stop the one true source of joy, to celebrate Christmas with the people that matter most to us and to navigate the season with the hope of better days ahead.

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