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Handling Long-Distance Communication during this Pandemic

In the absence of physical touch and at a time when physical distancing is the norm, families are discouraged to do reunions. Couples in a long-distance relationship also suffer the blow of facing indefinite separation. While many long-distance couples satisfy themselves with scheduled flights and regular in-person visits with their partners, before Covid-19 but uncertainty looms as the state, national and even international borders have left flights grounded and couples stranded. With tourist destinations closed due to lockdown. These travel restrictions have impacted long-distance couples and families all over the world.

Can relationships cope at this time? The answer is a resounding YES. But only if strategies in place are considered, with couples being able to fully cope and find ways to make technology work for both partners.

Here are some ways to lighten up the distance mode despite being miles apart. This line-up will help separated couples and families, feel more connected.

  1. Create virtual dates together – Go to museums and galleries site online and pick out private virtual tour packages, which you and your partner can enjoy while in your PJ’s.

  2. Surprise each other with food or gift delivery – a surprise take –out night of both your favourite food and a simple present to see your partner’s face feeling overjoyed while unboxing the present.

  3. Binge-watch movies or Listen to music together – You can watch your favourite movie together or check out latest Netflix Party for immediate experience, you can also share your views about the film while talking on the phone. Or use some online apps like You Tube or Sync play or Plug DJ. Or simply do a video-chat while listening to music of your preference. Imagination is the key.

  4. Play Online Games together- There are plenty of options for games to play together online, particularly if one or both or most of the family members do play video games already.

  5. If you don't mind someone watching you eat via a video call, you can stage a dinner or drinks date. Put on some decent clothes, order food or eat whatever you've cooked, and carry on with the usual over-dinner banter you might have at a restaurant or bar. That way, it’ll almost feel like you’re in the same room. Set the romantic mood with a good selection of music.

  6. Cook –Off Night –“Let’s say you both love Chinese or Italian food, go to the groceries together (virtually), get the ingredients and do the cook-off following along with the recipe.

  7. Hold Trivia Nights- Game time can be a lot of fun with partners, friends and family. An engaging and free activity over Google Meet or Zoom where you can have few laughs and get your competitive adrenaline going. A Relationship needs nurturing, not being able to see each other or physically be together must not be a reason to enjoy each other’s company, just stay creative and enjoy the perks in between.

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