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Lessons Learned in 2020

2020 is an extraordinary year, it is probably one of the most unforgettable in history books after the virus Covid 19 took the world by storm. A year when everything changed and the world is put to full stop. When the words “lockdown” and “social distancing” have meant a whole new way of living.

Lessons Learned in 2020
Lessons Learned in 2020

The entire experience is both amazing and life-changing. Gone are the days when we can go freely to work from 9 to 5, to, lounge around with no care in the world, physical touch and handshakes become a thing of the past. Traditions of family get-together become bleak and the blowing of the birthday cake starts to fade. But among all the challenges there have also been many things worth celebrating.

In terms of lessons learned, a few thoughts would include the following:

  1. To never take things for granted, family, friends and especially health.

  2. To combating and coping this sweeping year with resilience

  3. To be with family can be crucial to our health and welfare

  4. To be productive even during the lockdown

  5. 2020 taught us to be more patient and compassionate

  6. To focus and enjoy the little things in life that can make us smile

  7. To appreciate having more quiet and alone time.

  8. To realize that with the changing world we have the power to shape our lives

  9. To learn to be completely happy on your terms

  10. Love can transcend during the time of crisis

  11. Embrace what life brings you, stop planning

But while this year brought so many different heartaches and even death, there are silver linings. From this we learned so much, the pandemic made us realize how strong we have become and how our creativity can manifest and how being isolated with your family, means a good thing. The world changes, so do we.

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