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Media’s Role in 2021

Media means, TV, Radio, Print, or the Internet. These are the sources to carry out important messages to the audience all over the world. With the pandemic looming in our tracks some media outlets also suffered the biggest blow caused by COVID -19. Grim scenarios has movie companies now closed, theatres with empty seats, Radio and TV stations bleeding revenue to online giants like Netflix and YouTube. It just didn’t close doors it also killed off more media jobs one could ever imagine. No media world was spared, no corner was unscathed.

But amidst all these top-to-bottom stresses, media plays a bigger role in this pandemic. It continuously evolves to keep up with the latest trends, in synch with technological developments, deliver the news accurately, to sustain a fair and unbiased opportunity, and with the surge of internet use and social media, helps to quickly disseminate the information removing geographic boundaries.

Being home all day, allows people to seek information about the mystery disease engulfing our world and media in the years ahead will still be the leading tool to constantly update and barrage the audience with factual and new information.

It is very important how these media platforms perform the work, as one should bring in only credible experts or rely on trusted sourced information, with people, harvesting massive articles and links in social media-fuelled misinformation. It can derail progress and will yield bad results, as well as anxiety to audiences with the presence of fake news, myths and fake data.

Whether it is TV, Radio, Print or the Internet, the role played by media is not replaceable, its role is continuous and evolving. Media is here to stay in spreading important information, giving new approaches, sharing diagnostic, follow-up on protocols and guidelines among others. However, creating a balance in spreading between objectivity and empathy in news is significant in contributing their work for the welfare of others.

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