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Plant Obsession in the Time of COVID

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

As people pick up new hobbies while they remain in self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in plant parenting and gardening is experiencing a boom among people in all parts of the globe, most especially in Japan, Philippines and America.

In addition to emptying shelves of seeds and gardening tools. The houseplant obsession sparked social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with people flaunting their indoor foliage and more Millenials are jumping in the houseplant and garden bandwagon.

Caring for plants like pothos to succulents, or growing your garden is a way for people to pass time, others to cope with anxiety during the pandemic. Some are using it as a way to attempt to make sure they have access to fresh food.

But is this obsession of green-fingered identity is considered the new lifestyle or attitude or is it an extension of self-care and caring for the environment. The increased interest in plant care seems to have a positive way to combat the COVID-19 virus. It allows more people to stay home, sit down, sigh and marvel at simple living and realize that little tasks can be fulfilling.

Plants somehow thrive in houses nowadays because they help buffer the negative effects of the current pandemic stresses like financial pressure, health concerns, and uncertainty about when and if things will ever get back to normal. This greenery somehow provides valuable emotional support especially to those who live alone, and therefore have much less social connection during social distancing guidelines. 

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