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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It has been almost five months since the novel coronavirus outbreak has spread and sweeps every region of the globe, countries around the world went into lockdown. Residents are trapped in their own homes as countries grapple with the expanding outbreak, it continues to empties city streets making the world look like a post-apocalyptic movie. It's eerily quiet, no one is sitting around the sidewalks, schools are closed, and shutters of restaurants and shops are down and with many working from home and with nowhere to go or play.

Thanks to the arts, people have turned to for comfort, entertainment, the books we read, and the music we learn to play, the movies, and social media platforms that become our saviors in lockdown.

And then there are writers, who might find this global crisis challenging to write this moment even though they have plenty of time to waste. Some may have pushed the pause button or have gotten completely lost in thoughts. Yes, it may be a battle to stay afloat for the book industry, but identifying the pain points may be just the right key to restart to write, to continue telling the story and making people see that behind every book tour canceled, bookstores closing or publishing houses scrambling to turn a profit in a disrupted market there is an opportunity in crisis. Hard to believe? Might be, yet if you read on this article you just might find a silver lining. Here’s why?

  1. Play those thoughts in your head, unleash the stories in your mind, work on your thoughts and scribble the story that you think should be read. Use the pandemic to give readers a story that should be told. It might just be what your readers need to not be harmed by anxiety, restlessness, or worse depression.

  2. Books are even more valuable today than it has ever been. More people find books as a solid solace and connection to the discomfort of the crisis. Your book might just be the therapeutic pill for them to relax. Think about that!

  3. Your story should be read by millions and in the age of digital technology with more people locked in their homes, this is your opportunity. Digital copies of books are starting to make waves amongst people. Find a book publishing, and marketing company online like URLink (inset website or link) among others, that will help you promote your book. BE HEARD AND BE KNOWN.

  4. Connect with your readers through online avenues. Search on book publishing and PR links through digital press releases to increase sales or promote books digitally. Collaborate on marketing efforts alongside promotional pushes to promote your own books.

  5. Loss of productivity is not an excuse. There’s a wide array of book marketing tactics you can use to amplify a book’s exposure and reach more readers.

  6. Amplifying your book’s exposure through the right book publisher and book marketing company, means don’t count on luck in terms of visibility and awareness, unless you are a social media influencer. Finding the right source might just be the opportunity in a time of crisis.

  7. Writers know that writing is the easy part, but should the global pandemic put a halt to your creative juices? The answer is NO. Bring out the zest in your stories, bring life to those characters. And yes it can be done. This pandemic just might bring out the red button to speed up your long-overdue success as a writer.

Not all of these ideas will be applicable all the time, but we encourage you to consider the impact before deciding where to invest your time, effort and money. This global pandemic won’t go away anytime, and it is all up to you to find the bright spots and options to press on.

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